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9th Ask or Dare - I DON'T SHIP THIS!!! :iconacademian:academian 9 2 8th Ask or Dare - Gosh, This dare came :iconacademian:academian 9 2 7th Ask or Dare - Do we scared you? :iconacademian:academian 13 10 6th Ask or Dare - Let's Dance XD :iconacademian:academian 13 1 Zane - BATIM OC (Ref Sheet) :iconacademian:academian 25 17 Blackie - BATIM OC (not mine) :iconacademian:academian 22 6 BATIM Comics XD :iconacademian:academian 19 5 Why? Grindy or Bendy? :iconacademian:academian 24 5 5th Ask or Dare - Scared, Huh? :iconacademian:academian 20 7 4th Ask or Dare - Too Easy :iconacademian:academian 22 10 3rd Ask or Dare - Too many, huh? :iconacademian:academian 26 8 2nd Ask or Dare - Hug, Huh? :iconacademian:academian 24 14 1st Ask or Dare - Pink Bendy :3 :iconacademian:academian 21 5 Ask or Dare :iconacademian:academian 31 26 Dare 4 :3 :iconacademian:academian 19 8 Grindy's Gender :iconacademian:academian 25 7


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8th Ask or Dare - Gosh, This dare came
Bendy: Ian don't let Grindy see
Grindy: See what?
Bendy: Nothing
Ian: Boris, please put you're clothes back on you're semi naked on that tutu
Boris: You think?

Gosh, I knew this dare will came
Hope you like it ^^;

Grindy and Ian was my OC in BATIM
BATIM is belong to Themeatly

Dare by: midnighteclipsa
7th Ask or Dare - Do we scared you?
I just saw ink-Bendy so why not
Sorry, If some of them still look cute, for you?

Grindy, Ian, Joe and Zane are my OC in BATIM
Blackie is belong to BlackieSinging
BATIM is belong to Themeatly
Dare by MissSindale
MissSindale BlackieSinging
6th Ask or Dare - Let's Dance XD
I knew it Grindy doesn't have a pair
Anyway... I ship them a bit as you can see
But it's not like no one want to be pair with him

Joe, Ian, Zane and Grindy are my OC in BATIM
BATIM is belong to Themeatly
Blackie is belong to BlackieSinging

Dare by: MoonlightMandy
MoonlightMandy BlackieSinging
Zane - BATIM OC (Ref Sheet)
She had both appearance of Ian and Joe. She and Joe are twins but Joe was first created and she was the next.

Zane's Bio:
She was the last creation, she was created next to Joe. She had a secret crush to Grindy. When she realize Grindy loves Joe she got jealous on her and start to hate her because of it. She only helps Blackie because of Grindy and she like to befriends with Blackie even she knows she had to hate her too because Blackie and Grindy were closed to each other. She know she won't stand a chance so she befriends to Ian and start to love him instead of Grindy.

She was OC in BATIM
BATIM is belong to Themeatly
I got tagged by Lady Gamer-MixZania 
1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.

I choose my BATIM OC...
Ian, Joe, Zane and Grindy
I would like to answer and ask some details too :giggle:

-A. How old are you?
All: Umm....We Ink have unknown ages

(Me: 18 :meow:)

-B. Do you want a hug?
Ian: No
Joe: Yes but just me, if hug Grindy, Ian or Bendy there will be something bad happen to you
Zane: Of course!!! *hug*
Grindy: No, but if I'm sad it's okay

(Me: No)

-C. Have any bad habits?
All: None

(Me: None too XD)

-D. You a virgin?
All: What's a virgin?

(Me: What kind of question was that?!!!)

-E. Have any kids?
All: None

(Me: None too)

-F. Favorite food or drink?
All: INK!!! XD

(Me: I can't decide which one ^^;)

-G. Killed anyone?
All: None

(Me: None too)

-H. Hate anyone?
Ian: Bendy and Boris
Me: Why?
Ian: Because Bendy likes the one I love and I'm afraid to Boris
Me: Oh...
Joe: Blackie, Boris and Zane
Me: Why?
Joe: Because Blackie likes Bendy and Boris was helping her as well as Zane
Me: Oh...
Zane: Joe of course!!
Me: Why?
Zane: I just can't tell why?
Me: Oh...
Grindy: None

(ME: Of course, None!!)

-I. Any secrets?
Ian: I have a crush on someone but I won't tell who
Joe: I have a crush on someone too but I won't tell to anyone
Zane: I can't tell it now
Grindy: None

(Me: I have many secrets but I won't tell because it's a secret ^^;)

-J. Love anyone?
Ian: B... I mean Joe and Grindy
(Grindy: Say what??)
Joe: Bendy, Ian and Grindy
Zane: All except Joe
Grindy: All of them

(Me: My Friends, Family and All of you guys, Masters and Miladies...:meow:)

-K. What is your job?
All: To Entertain

(Me: None)

-L. Favorite season?
All: What are those?

(ME: They are always inside the building so they have no idea on what are those
My Favorite is All except... Summer)

-M. Who's your best friend?
Ian: Grindy and Bendy, we were before but not now. The only best friend I got was Grindy nothing else
Grindy: ....
Joe: Ian because he helps me when I needed him
Ian: ^-^
Zane: Grindy, Boris and Blackie also Ian and Bendy
Grindy: All of them

(Me: My best friends now were Louise, Richard and Gracey. My old best friends were Lira, Ana, Angel and Nina. You guys were my best friends too)

-N. Hobbies?
Ian: Playing guitar
Joe: Scare the crap out of everyone....I mean Dance
Zane: Watch there play an instrument
Grindy: Playing an instrument with others

(Me: Drawing XD)

-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
All: ......

(Me: Go home XD)

-P. What is your eye color?
All: Black

(Me: Black too)

-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
All: Both XD

(Me: Good of course!!!)

-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
Ian: A love potion XD
Joe: An ideal man
Zane: Talent?
Grindy: I can't decide which one

(Me: Same as Grindy XD)

-S. What is your greatest fear?
Ian: Killed someone
Joe: Lose someone
Zane: Love someone
Grindy: Being Hate by others

(Me: Same to Joe and Grindy)

-T. Does your name have a special meaning?
All: We have no idea on what you mean by that

(Me: Same to them)

What can you say about me?
Ian: A nice guy
Me: ^-^
Joe: The fragile one
Me: What??
Zane: The innocent one
Me: ^-^
Grindy: No comment
Me: T-T

-V. Any siblings?
Ian: None
Joe: None
Zane: .... I have no idea
Grindy: Bendy and Boris

(Me: A sweet little sister and a clever little brother)

-W. Where do you live?
All: In the Ink factory...We think

(Me: .....)

-X. Do you find yourself attractive?
Ian: I have no idea
Joe: Some people call me cute.... Is that attractive?
Zane: You haven't seen my appearance so I can't tell XD
Grindy: I don't know ^^;

(Me: I don't know too ^^;)

-Y. What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?
Ian: Fought with my best friends
Joe: Being so Bad
Zane: Being too shy
Grindy: Being awkward ^^;

(ME: I can't tell ^^;)

-Z. Any last words?
All: .........Can we go home now.......

(Me: Can I go home now)

So I tag....
RenaXFujimoto BlackieSinging AkikazeShiya unluckypuppet Violetwister MoonlightMandy MoonbeamHamato KawaiiCuteSlayer KawaiiNekoBlue Kawaiirainbow220 Lovekitty84 renathecat

Sorry, If I tagged you guys
I just want to know you're oc's answer to each question
Sorry if some of the grammar may be wrong
Notice the BATIM OC's answers it is related to the BATIM series I've been doing
BATIM is belong to Themeatly
Blackie is belong to BlackieSinging

Have a nice day, Masters and Miladies


academian's Profile Picture
Cristian Jay P. De Leon
Artist | Student | Other

Hello, Everyone

I'm Cristian Jay P. De Leon and you can called me CJ if you want.

I'm a student who wants to be an artist someday and I also like to draw a version on my favorite games, cartoon, and anime.

I love to make fan arts of There she is!!!, BATIM, HTF and FNAF series.

I also love watching different anime and I play games on PSP and Play Station but not that often.

I'm not good on anime of my version but still knowing to love it.

In deviantart I accept request and also art trade but it will take a lot of time for me to finished it and commission I will think about it. Also if you watch me I won't hesitate to watch you back and if you unwatch me I will still watching you for the best and If I watch you it's okay if you won't watch me back you can take you're time.

I love my family also my friends.

Oh, you can use my art if you want too just don't forget to credit or mentioned me.

Request - Opened
Art Trade - Opened
Commission - Closed (Sorry not really sure on this one)

(Also sorry if it will take a long time to be finished)


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